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Elvita Premium Table Water is Born

Omegabest Pharmacy and Stores Limited has launched Elvita Premium Table water to further increase Nigerians’ access to potable water. According to the firm, the brand focuses on proper hydration, health and well being, encouraging everybody to drink more water.

Speaking during the unveiling of the product in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Omegabest Pharmacy & Stores Limited, Ikechi Goodluck J Jude said the well purified and packaged brand, available in 50 cl, 75 cl and 20 litre bottles with its uniqueness will no doubt meet the thirst and expectation of ‘well purified water’ in every home, hotels, eateries, hospitals among others.

“The name “Elvita” means ‘life’. The Spanish word “El” and the Latin word “vita” altogether means life. Water is life and we have decided to find a unique name that would be easy to pronounce and remember. “Elvita is bottled fresh at source and is tapped from an underground source in an area that has not been exposed to heavy human and industrial presence over the ages. “Our facility speaks for itself right from the raw water process to treatment, reverse Osmosis to other micro filter. The water passes through 30.5 micro, one micro and five micro and UB Steriliser before it goes to the bottling line. So it is completely automated and at every risk section, there is safety precaution so that pure water goes into the bottle.

“We have our laboratory where we check at each level, the quality control and quality assurance. So, it is only people that can come to the facility and see things for themselves that would appreciate what we are talking about. Our factory is open for anyone to come and see things for himself and we will continue to get better. “We import water bottling equipment with the features: gallon bottled water machinery, blow molding machine, labeling and package machine, reverse Osmosis water purification and ultra filtration water purification that can produce 20,000 liters per hour. This we were able to do under 13 months” he said. .


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“The name “Elvita” means ‘life’. The Spanish word “El” and the Latin word “vita” altogether means life.

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